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As the wiki is currently still being built, this is a list of things that need to be done. It ranges from documenting certain historical events to setting up guidelines to enforce in all pages.


A series of guidelines and editing policies needs to be set up and fleshed out. Good ideas for policies include:

  • Required neutrality in articles
    The primary goal of the wiki is to document the community and its platforms in a completely neutral manner. Articles should always have a neutral stance on events that occurred or members of the community. For example, opinions should not be included in articles about historical events. No exceptions.
  • Conflict of interest policies
    Articles created or modified by people with a direct connection (and thus could be biased) to the subject matter should have a notice explaining the conflict of interest and how it could influence the article's wording.
  • Grammar policy
    Rejecting articles with poor grammar. This could be hard to enforce but anyone who consistently writes low quality content could be warned or blocked from editing the wiki.

Technical side of things

We could use some features that a lot of other wikis have.

  • Template and module documentation
    Documentation is key for them to be used how they were intended. A lot of these could probably be easily imported from Wikipedia.


A lot still needs to be documented.

Historically Important Users

  • Adam Vandyck (Brehme): Former staff member who was suspended in 2017 for working with UYScutix, then doxed aggressively and banned in 2019 after he was discovered to be stalking their college roommate in real life, to the point where he had pillows, bedsheets, and underwear with his victim's face on it
  • cyro1999: Former staff member who was responsible for the admin account breaches in 2016 and DDOS attacks against the server in 2017
  • Madgeek1450: Co-founder of TotalFreedom and creator of its core plugin, the TotalFreedomMod.
  • marcocorriero11: Controversial developer from 2016 to 2017 who was a key player in the UYScutix Revolution.
  • Robin: Controversial figure during Seth reign
  • StevenNL2000: Executive OP
  • shehxlk: Executive during the 2020s
  • RedEastWood: Executive involved with Skyblock and UltraRedFreedom, an associated community

Historically Important Events

  • Summer 2016 Admin Breaches: A series of admin account breaches on several platforms perpetrated by both cyro1999 and Incitements.
  • August 2016 Admin Resignations: A protest organized by several staff members who were discontent with the way markbyron governed the server at the time.
  • June 2017 Ownership Handover: A change in ownership following tensions in the community which led to TheMinecraft managing the server until January 2019.
  • January 2019 Ownership Crisis: A crisis caused by tensions in the community and the sudden disappearance of the owner at the time which led to new policies to be created in regards to ownership to avoid a similar situation happening again.
  • August 2019 Senior Vote Scandal: An executive-level corruption scandal in which some votes during the August 2019 Senior Voting were intentionally deleted to rig its outcome.
  • October 2020 Ownership Crisis: A crisis caused by tensions in the community which nearly caused the server to shutdown and resulted in an ownership handover.
  • September 2021 Shutdown Crisis: A crisis caused by members of the Granite Castle which nearly caused the server to shut down as a result.
  • August 2023 Server Shutdown: A series of events that led to the server's shut down on August 17, 2023.
  • August 2023 Discord Server Wipe: Breach of an official Discord bot post-shutdown that led to a partial wipe of the Discord server.